Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rhodey Girl Tests

I was recently introduced to Rhodey Girl Tests, the website of a Rhode Island native and current Philadelphia resident who maintains a healthy lifestyle while entertaining for friends and family.  Sabrina's website is devoted to her experiences in the kitchen and I intend to test several of her recipes, including baked taterfriesapple walnut raisin muffinsbutternut squash soup, the strawberry banana love smoothie, and her basic granola.  
(image via Rhodey Girl Tests)
Last week Sabrina began a giveaway for delicate soles- adorable flats that will give your feet relief after a long day of shopping or a hard night of dancing.  Each pair comes with two totes - one for your heels and one for the delicate soles so you can keep them on you at all times.  Once rolled and slipped into their little tote they're about the same size as a lipstick, which means you can throw them in any purse and maybe even keep them in your pocket!
(image via delicate soles)
Visit Rhodey Girl Tests for a chance to win a pair!  The giveaway ends on tomorrow, March 5th, so click on over as soon as possible!  I'm hoping they'll relieve my toes post-high heeled leopard print mary janes.  I've got my eye on onyx...
(image via delicate soles)


  1. hi tara! love your blog so far - I loved reading about Thayer Street - that's what I miss most about living in providence!! Brett and I want to get back there soon. Keep up the fun postings! :)

  2. thanks Kate, and definitely let us know if you guys are in the area!

  3. granola is my favorite thing ever and now i'm craving it. oy.


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