Wednesday, March 10, 2010

i love you much (most beautiful darling)

(image via claudia kay)

I read the first verse of this poem the other day, painted, framed, and for sale in a shop downtown.  Loved it and wanted to share...

i love you much (most beautiful darling)
more than anyone on the earth and i
like you better than everything in the sky

-sunlight and singing welcoming your coming

although winter may be everywhere
with such a silence and such a darkness
noone can quite begin to guess

(except my life) the true time of year-

and if what calls itself a world should have
the luck to hear such singing (or glimpse such
sunlight as will leap higher than high
through gayer than gayest someone's heart at your each

nearness) everyone certainly would (my
most beautiful darling) believe in nothing but love

- e.e. cummings

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  1. love e.e.cummings. i have a book of his somewhere...


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