Friday, June 1, 2012

hello weekend

It's the first of June! I know Memorial Day sort of signals the beginning of summer but now that June is here it really feels like it. I've been getting our summer calendar in order - with all the weddings and miscellaneous shoots Matt has scheduled I need to maximize our free weekends. We always go camping in July so that's on the calendar, and we have a two week trip to Paris planned for August- yippee! I'm so excited I think about it every day. Do you have any plans for the summer? 

Some things I wanted to share with you...
- are you going to the Providence Art Festival tomorrow?
- loving the Kate Spade clutch print from Bright Bold & Beautiful 
- handpainted bees on a wall may be my next home project (scroll all the way down)
- definitely one of the better looking tissue paper flowers out there
- these pretty buns and bows make me want to grow my hair out (I'm noticing a theme...)
- would you ever get lash extensions?
- bright colors to wear this summer
- we went to Not Your Average Joe's last night and loved it

Hope your weekend is a good one!

image by Delesie via Plum Pretty Sugar


  1. wow! Paris sounds like fun :) we're going to Mexico again in August for our anniversary! can't wait! I love traveling/vacations!!

    1. I'd love to visit Mexico some day!

    2. you should! If you're ever interested, I have a lot of information and different recommendations :)

  2. that is the prettiest donkey i've ever seen. wow

  3. Can I come with you to Paris?? Take lots of pictures for me and tell me all about it!!! I am so excited for you, that is awesome!!


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