Friday, June 15, 2012

hello weekend

It's time to make jam! A couple years ago my mom, two of my aunts, and one of my cousins and I got together to make strawberry rhubarb and peach raspberry jam. We wanted to do it again last year but it just didn't happen, so I'm really excited that we're making time for a jam session tonight. I'm off to Jaswell's to pick lots of strawberries... we'll see how that works out with Ezra in tow. Then tomorrow I'm going to a brunch hosted by the PVD Lady Project at Local 121, and Matt us bringing the bluecube... so much fun! And let's not forget about the French toast. Mmm...

- tips for nice summer skin
- love this fun party fan photo booth backdrop
- cute baby shower invitations of the free download variety
- I wanna make this secret storage box
- thinking of using these labels for the jam we make tonight
- an unusual vacation idea 
- so many pretty colors and patterns all in one quilt
- very cool custom illustrations of your brownstone, building, block, or city
- a super cute twist on the top knot - a hair bow!
- looks like a perfect picnic lunch
- enjoyed reading these practical playground tips 
- did you hear the news? Pottery Barn is coming to Garden City!


  1. i am not in town today but tell me next time you go to jaswell's since i am .5 miles from there!

  2. great links this week! I especially loved the tips for summer skin and the unusual vacation idea. Ilya and I will have to try that for our anniversary trip in August!


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