Friday, May 25, 2012

hello weekend

It was my birthday yesterday so I had to post a pretty birthday cake today. Matt made the day special by having our families and a few friends over for dessert - he made this yummy confection and everyone was so sweet. Tonight I'm going out to dinner at Rue De L'Espoir with a friend... I think I might get the fig & pistachio salad. On Saturday there are more mystery birthday plans - hooray! I'm hoping they involve a certain carnival that recently went up by our house. Oh, and it just occurred to me that it's a long weekend! My birthday week is even longer! Yes, I'm claiming Monday as still part of my birthday week. We're going to Colt State Park with some friends from church for a little cookout and lots of ultimate frisbee. Fingers crossed that the sun is shining! 

- such a sweet way to wrap a gift
- if you're a local, check out these free fun Fridays in Massachusetts throughout the summer
this dress might need to come home with me... after all, it is my birthday week
- the prettiest printable stationery, via creature comforts
ghere for a free dirty dozen download
- I want to make a little liberty quilt, too!
- can't wait to take this funny quiz with Matt
- this little herb garden in an egg carton is the cutest

Hope your weekend is an awesome one.

image via Bakerella

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  1. happy birthday to you!!! have a wonderful weekend


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