Thursday, June 28, 2012

tea with Rose | Teavana

Our tea tour continues, this time at Providence Place. We'd been to Teavana a couple times before and knew we had to include it here... with so many choices there's something to please everyone. Just look at all those tins!
As I've mentioned before, I almost exclusively drink herbal tea so when the girl working at Teavana asked what I'd like I told her that I wanted something caffeine free. She informed me that rooibos tea blends don't contain caffeine, and that she had actually just brewed a new blend for one of the store samples - citrus lavender sage combined with opus rouge rooibos. One sip and I was sold. 

I forgot what chose, so you'll have to read her take on Teavana right here

After we made our purchases we had to stop at J.Crew to do a little shopping. Ezra and Hillary hid out behind some pants while I browsed above them.

While these Vans were a little big for Ezra, he definitely proved that he can rock them. 

Note to self: will have to pick up a pair when he's a little bigger.

All in all, this was my favorite stop on the tea tour yet. I may even head back to Teavana to get myself a couple ounces of tea to brew at home, and at about $10 an ounce, that's saying something. I'm already looking forward to our next cuppa.


  1. Every time I go in Teavana, I feel like I always get a tour of the entire store and end up buying more than I need. The citrus lavendar sage sounds amazing though, I can only drink tea if it's not caffeinated. And the vans are too cute! He is definitely rocking them :)

  2. Ah, I LOVE Teavana. My fiancé and I stopped in last January for a gift for a friend and ended up dropping much more on tea for ourselves than we had anticipated. We purchased the Silver Yin Zhen Pearls White Tea, Rooibos Tropica Rooibos Tea, and the Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls Green Tea. All of them are Ah-mazing. The Rooibos and Jasmine was the stores featured blend that day and, like you, I was sold. Though it was a big purchase, I'm so happy that we did because I will be enjoying them for quite some time! Also, have you used the Teavana app? (not sure if you have an iPhone or Droid or not.) It's really neat- it has all of the teas listed on it and allows you to blend flavors. Once you have your teas chosen it tells you the proper mixing amounts and steeping time. Perhaps my favorite part is the fun musical tea timer. I sometimes use the app just so I can listen to the music while steeping my tea. :) I'm going to favorite the teas you mentioned for my text trip in (next January!). They sound delicious.

  3. A Teavana app! How cool... will have to check it out if I ever get a smart phone!


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