Friday, June 8, 2012

hello weekend

I don't even like donuts but I love this illustration, so there you go. I just couldn't resist the look of that shiny pink frosting. And the one with the jimmies. Anyway, I hope you had a good week! Ours was wet and dreary for the most part, but we still had fun splashing in all the puddles. Plus, our friends Jared and Amanda welcomed their third child (a baby boy!) into their family this week - hooray for babies! I can't wait to meet the little guy and squeeze his cheeks. This weekend is jam packed with plans - today we're going to check out Our Big Backyard at the zoo, tomorrow we're going to a parade in my aunt and uncle's neighborhood (Ezra's first!), and then we have a friend's backyard lakeside wedding after that. On Sunday we'll be at church and then off to a little birthday celebration for my father-in-law - phew! That's a lot of things to do. Will your weekend be busy, too, or low key? 

- this is my new pretty desktop wallpaper for June
homemade cheez-its just went straight to the top of my to do list
- take a couple minutes to watch this short of a letterpress in action
- for my next birthday I'm definitely having a unicorn party
- slices of tea! via Black Eiffel
- check out these sandwiches by state, via Wit & Delight
- such a sweet nursery for a little girl
- get beachy waves a la Ashley Olsen
- the anatomy of a pinata

illustration by Joël Penkman

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  1. I love that desktop background!! Usually I'm not too fond of the monthly calendar backgrounds, but this one is great! I'm using it too :)


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