Friday, May 4, 2012

hello weekend

(image via Vita Nostra)

Let me begin by saying that the above image is my way of willing the rain away this weekend. It's been dreary all week and I've been wondering how people do it in Seattle. This rain is seriously getting me down and it's cold. Alright, sorry, enough of that. There's a lot to be happy about even if it is drizzly and dark. Tonight I'm getting a much needed massage (this cold weather has been making me so tense!) and then coming home to read and go to sleep. On Saturday we're going to a Cinco de Mayo block party on and around Westminster Street with our friends Jared and Amanda... maybe I'll see you there! Then on Sunday we're going to church and in the afternoon I have two fun things lined up - an open house brunch at The Cupcakerie and then a visit to watch Erika of Foxtrot Press in action. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me. What do you have going on these next couple of days?  

Here are a few (okay, so there are more than a few) things I wanted to share with you this week...
- a simple and pretty watercolor silhouette DIY project
- love these third birthday portraits (that crown!)
- adding tiny clay houses to my list of things to make
- this concert attire for a little guy is amazing and I want to copy it for Ezra, especially the suspenders
- maybe I'll take up finger knitting (hey, it's a start) so I can make a pillow like this one
- some bright and stripey invitations for you to download and print
- how to make your own bubble solution (and wands, too!)
- new and fresh paint chip art that I can't wait to try for myself
- listen up local(ish) brides! you can win the bluecube for your wedding... go here for details and good luck!
- been thinking a lot about this post I wrote last year on balance because I still need improvement... any tips or suggestions?

Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy the weekend, rain or shine.


  1. Ooh, is it a private viewing of the letterpress or does she offer tours or something? I have a letterpress machine, but I'd love to see a real one in action. Sounds like fun!

    1. You do?! She prints at AS220 in Providence, so we're just stopping by while she works on some wedding invitations. I'm excited to see the press in action, too!

  2. this is so me great stuff to check out. i love those diy art projects


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