Friday, May 18, 2012

hello weekend

(illustration by Danielle Kroll)

Yesterday felt like the start to my weekend because Matt ended up home sick. Sounds like a bummer, but he ended up being mostly okay so we were still able to spend some quality family time together and took Ezra to zoo and went for a bike ride. Ezra looks so funny in his helmet! I'll have to post pictures soon. Today is looking to be pretty good, too - this morning we (Ezra and I, that is) went out to tea with Hillary and then visited the playground at India Point Park. When Ezra wakes up from his nap I plan on taking him to the Providence Children's Museum. Then later on I'm finally getting that massage - remember when it was cancelled?- I think I need it more this week anyway. Tomorrow morning while Matt heads out to do a shoot I'm going to take Ezra to the first outdoor farmers market of the season, and then we're having a little Morrocan-inspired lunch at our house with a few friends. I love this weekend already. What are you doing this weekend? 

- this it the funniest pin cushion ever
pretty things at the National Stationery Show (the card with the balloons!)
- why didn't I think of that?
- my friend Ashley is having a giveaway of her homemade sugar scrubs - go here to enter!
- definitely putting mushroom ragu on the menu for next week
- this bouquet is pretty much perfect
- finally, a braid I think I might be able to pull off
- check out this free printable of Isaiah 40:31 (scroll all the way to the bottom of the post, after ogling all the chalkboard walls)
- once again, I wish I could go to Dandee's craft camp... I'll just have to host my own some day!

See you next week! I have a new menu, a special quilting project, some family photos, and the next stop on the tea tour in store!

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