Monday, May 7, 2012

menu of the week

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Hello and happy Monday to you! A lot of my plans for the weekend fell through (massage, brunch, visit to Foxtrot Press) but things have been rescheduled and it actually made for a very nice weekend. I finished a quilt I was working on, planned my menu for Mother's Day, and went grocery shopping, a chore I usually save for Monday morning so now I'm free to do whatever I want. We might go to the Providence Children's Museum so Ezra can do some toddler art projects, or I'll start baking my brother's birthday dessert for our celebration tonight. I mentioned last week that we ended up going out to eat more than usual so I didn't cook much, but here's what we had on the menu...

shrimp pad thai - This recipe is from What to Cook & How to Cook It (I couldn't find it online anywhere... borrow the book from your local library!) and was much easier than other pad thai recipes I've tried in the past. The flavors melded really well and, as recommended, we went crazy with the lime juice. Warning: don't double the recipe if you don't have a big enough pan! I learned this the hard way.

brie and apple French toast panini - Seriously one of my favorite things to make and eat. Brie, apples, and brioche. You can't go wrong. Also, this is a quick dinner if you have plans during the day and don't have time for a lot of prep. Clean up is a cinch, too!

farfalle with broccoli pesto - We love pesto so I thought experimenting with adding broccoli would be a nice way to eat our veggies. For a simple dinner it was very good and I would make it again. Just make sure you use good quality extra virgin olive oil since the flavor will come through in the pesto!

baked haddock with baked potatoes and steamed haricots verts - When I only have thirty minutes to get dinner on the table fish is a quick fix. I brush the filet with olive oil, sprinkle it liberally with salt and pepper, and pop it in a hot oven for under ten minutes. Microwave a couple potatoes and then throw them in the oven, too. Lastly, I "steamed" the frozen green beans in the microwave. Put butter and salt on everything and it's bound to taste good.

This week I have plans to make bolognese sauce for the first time. Any tips?


  1. let it simmer for a long time. delicious with homemade gnnochi. :) one of our favs.

  2. I use this recipe from pioneer woman, and love it...

  3. Thanks for the tips, girls! I'm making it tomorrow night and can't wait!


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