Friday, July 2, 2010

Burlingame or Bust

This weekend marks the second anniversary of our annual camping trip to a state park in Charlestown, RI.  We're camping with twelve other people over 4th of July weekend and we anticipate days and nights of rugged athleticism, demonstration of feats of strength, and a small amount of relaxation.  We'll need to stay energized if we're to maintain the ability to play a two hour game of ultimate frisbee, so here are my suggestions for cooler-friendly meals and snacks - 
For breakfast pack sliced bagels, eggs, cereal or granola and milk, frozen waffles, and fruit.  If you have a camping stove and a fire with a grate over it you should have no problem whipping up these few simple breakfast foods.  My favorite morning meal last year was a bagel egg sandwich.
For lunch - tuna (don't forget your can opener!), sliced bread, chicken salad with apple and basil, PB&J, and more fruit.  If you bring some sliced cheese you can even make a tuna melt or grilled cheese over the fire... yum!
For dinner bring hamburgers, hotdogs, sausages, and marinated chicken wings.  Another idea is to load skewers with shrimp, cubes of beef, chicken, or vegetables.  Don't forget the buns and fixin's!  Side dishes might include home fries (bring potatoes, a sharp knife, and cutting board) and lots of ears of corn to toss directly on the fire.  Foil is handy if you're making baked potatoes or just don't want to risk your dinner getting covered in ash because someone knocks your food off of the grate and into the coals.     
Portable snacks are great to have on hand in case you end up going for a walk that lasts three hours only to find out that entry to the lake you're in search of is strictly prohibited.  Oatmeal raspberry bars or a piece of fruit might help stave off hunger as you trek back another 3 hours to the campground.  Snacks are also helpful in case one of your friends brings a bag of trail mix to last him the whole weekend and subsists on the handouts and generosity of others.  Some of my favorite snacks are guacamole and tortilla chips, sugar snap peas, hummus and carrots, and crackers and firm cheese.
Lastly, one must not forget to pack treats!  Of course s'mores must be included in your camping food stash so bring a box of graham crackers, a bag of marshmallows, and a package of Hershey's chocolate bars.  Another tasty and fire-friendly dessert is what I call my banana treat.  My mother-in-law learned how to make them as a girl scout and she instructed me in the science that is banana treat preparation.  First, get a banana and hold it like a canoe, using a knife to make a slit down the center from stem to end.  Do not cut all the way through!  I must stress that the banana must resemble a canoe after you have finished cutting.  Spread a layer of peanut butter inside the banana and then stick in some chocolate chips or pieces of chocolate bar.  Next, wrap the banana up in aluminum foil and toss it into the fire.  I usually try to find a spot where the flames are low but the coals are glowing.  Turn it a few times over the next 7-10 minutes or so and then remove with tongs or a large stick or ask your husband or find something else that will provide protection for your hands.  Lastly, unwrap and eat with a spoon!  Also this year I plan on attempting to make campfire cakes... we'll see how that goes but I have a feeling they're going to be spectacular.  Any other tasty campfire suggestions?  

image via Pedlars via {frolic!}

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  1. You seem like you definitely have camping food down! I clicked the link for the campfire cakes and they look like a tasty treat. They are environmentally friendly too. The peel is biodegradable, unlike an aluminum foil pan. Hope you have a blast!


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