Friday, July 29, 2011

happy weekend

(image via Geronimo Balloons)
It feels like a long weekend to me because Matt took the day off to spend some time with me and Ezra.  We're looking forward to a drive to Rhodemont Farm in Coventry and then visiting a farmers market right down the street from us at the Pastore Complex in Cranston.  Dinner is going to be grilled pizza (I'm thinking one pesto with grilled vegetables and one Hawaiian style) followed by homemade chocolate crackle ice cream.  Then on Saturday Ezra and I are going to my friend Jaclyn's shower and I absolutely cannot wait - for presents (both given and to be received) and lunch (catered by Pranzi), but most importantly to celebrate the wonderful gift that Mykenzie will be and is already.  She is such a blessing.  
Now brace yourselves... I think I went overboard this week.
- just found out about the Amy Butler collection for Bed, Bath & Beyond... is this news to anyone but me?
- if you're in RI this weekend check out the Newport Folk Festival
- here's this week's healthy change
- can you imagine celebrating your 102nd birthday? (and doing it with amazing style, I might add...)
- the most perfect (and free!) picnic invitations for hosting your own outdoor soiree
- I'm loving this color explosion of a nursery
- these two Rhode Island prints (here and here) are sweet
- we bought a breadmaker!  any recipe suggestions?
Is it me or is this longer than most?  Sorry for clogging up your feed, but I couldn't help but share!  Next week I'll be posting about the meals I've made for our vegetarian week which we're wrapping up tonight.  Same bat time.  Same bat channel.  Have a great weekend! 

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