Tuesday, April 27, 2010

fawning over fabric

(image via shambijoux)
I recently bought some of Heather Ross's  Mendocino fabric and I am in love!  It's actually part of a kit but the finished quilt it makes is pretty small so I think I might buy some more, especially after seeing some amazing quilts on flickr...  Betty Ninja's below is gorgeous, as is Elizabeth Hartmen's (of Oh, Fransson!) here.  
(image via Betty Ninja)
The kit is a combination of all three colorways - jughandle, sand, and brackish - so I may just try to buy whatever I can find, but the pinks and oranges and mermaids and octopi are my favorites.  Why are sea creatures so funny?  I love them lately!  

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  1. I love Heather Ross. Have you seen the shoes she has? You can find them on her blog. I've made a lot of little girl skirts in Far Far Away. Her fabrics are haunting and whimsical at the same time.


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