Thursday, July 14, 2011

eight months!

Ezra's eight month photos are a facsimile of a sham for many reasons.
1. He is not wearing a white onesie.  Actually, he's not wearing any onesie.
2. He does not have his eight month sticker on.
3. He was actually eight months and twelve days old at the time the photos were taken.
4. He is not posing like a good eight month old baby should.
5. His room is in a state of disarray.
6. Most of the photos are blurry and/or grainy.
7. Matt pointed out that Picasa is compressing all my photos so they look pixel-y (and have been looking this way for months).
I would like to blame Ezra, but really it is my fault.  And really, how could it be his fault?  He's only eight months (and twelve days) old!  The photo shoot was off to a bad start when July 1st came and went without it taking place.  We were preparing for camping and we left earlier than I anticipated so photography quickly fell to the bottom of my to do list in favor of packing the cooler with all our food for the weekend, ensuring that Ezra had enough clothes in case of inclement weather, and getting the beach towels out of the dryer so we could bring them.  I recovered from the tragedy that was the lack of documentation for the eight month anniversary of Ezra's entrance into the world and resolved to hold the photo shoot upon our return.  I am happy to report that it was successful.  I am unhappy to report that I deleted the imaged from my memory card before transferring them to my computer.  So I dragged my feet until I realized we were nearly halfway to nine months and I had better take the faux eight month photos before August 1st rolled around.  
As you can see, our hearts weren't in it but despite his lackluster eight month performance, it is my humble opinion that Ezra is still quite a fine looking specimen of a baby.
Exhibit A

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  1. look at him standing in that crib!!! is this what i have to look forward to? i had such good intentions of getting pictures taken every month, but i stink at is not going to happen not to mention i have forgotten to do the last 7 months of photo shoots!


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