Friday, July 15, 2011

happy weekend

(image via Nancy Bates via counting graces)
Food is in our future this weekend and I can't complain.  Tonight we're checking out The Locals for dinner with friends and I'm excited to try their burger made with beef from Blackbird Farm, which is located in my hometown.  If we have time tomorrow morning we're going to visit the Pawtuxet Village farmers market, and then we're off to Fort Adams in Newport for a cookout.  We'll end up back home in time for dinner with more friends.  I'm bringing a big batch of Nutella peanut butter cup and I can't. wait. to eat it.  I'm going to get the ice cream maker crankin', and here are my favorite finds from this week.
- these giant polaroids are definitely a contender for wall art around here
- pretend you are confetti system and create your own fabric tassel garland (I know I am)
- the idea of a gender reveal party intrigues me
- my next home project may be a dining room chair redo
- love these paper bag stars for a casual looking party
this outfit is perfect for the summer
- check out the healthy change of the week
- I want to copy this idea
- boy, has it been hard to keep this secret: Paper Source just debuted their new line of birth announcements and two photos of Ezra (taken by Matt, or course) were chosen for the collection!  (if you're obsessed with him like I am, see them all herehere, herehere, and here)
Happy weekend, friends!


  1. little Ezra is famous!!! have a wonderful foody weekend!

  2. My sister and I found that gender reveal party last week and matt and I are totally doing that...when the time comes of course. Also, we (my sister and I, again) just redid some old dining room chairs we got at a yard sale for 5 bucks each. I uploaded some before and afters to my facebook, it's the first time we upholstered anything and they came out pretty decently for our first try!


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