Wednesday, April 4, 2012

take forty-seven // my new profile photo

Everyone always assumes that because my husband is a photographer that I have great photos of myself. Not so. More often than not, I'm trying to jump out of the frame as Matt captures images of Ezra, usually because I don't like my hair or my outfit or some other silly reason. When Matt wants to try out new techniques or styles of shooting he expects me to be his guinea pig but I am the least willing subject he can find. However, recently Matt wanted to experiment with some lighting in our basement and I've been wanting a new photo for the blog since I removed the one I had in my profile months ago. Although Matt took it, he said he didn't like it, plus my hair is longer now (and not as smooth for some strange reason). So I agreed to sit for him for a while as long as I got some profile pictures out of it, but if you ask Matt I groveled. Anyway, here are some of the photos from our basement shoot, complete with outfit changes and outtakes.

here I am just warming up. I was making this face on purpose, I promise. 

my instructions here were "look at the water heater"

goofing off while Matt adjusts the tripods

trying to get my point across

sneezing, and letting Matt know I have at least one more sneeze in me

I was ready to be done before Matt was

and the one I ended up with

Matt, sorry for giving you such a hard time! And thanks for all the time you spent post-processing the images, especially my infamous first selection. Read more on that on Matt's blog post about the shoot right here

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  1. these are so funny...sneezing is my favorite


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