Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Monday

I'm skipping this week's menu post in favor of some photos from Easter (and because I already recycled my menu planning sheet and can't remember what we ate without racking my brain). We spent yesterday morning at church, brought Ezra home for a nice nap, and then headed to Matt's aunt's house for dinner. Ezra and his cousin Jacob had a blast searching for eggs in the flower beds and playing with a giant bubble wand and three bottles of "Super Miracle Bubbles," although their older cousins may have had just as much fun...

After looking through these pictures, I've noticed that Ezra is usually running away from the camera, so there are few images with his face in them. We're recovering from the festivities today, just a little grocery shopping and a quick trip to the library earlier and now we're at home napping. Well, Ezra's napping and I just wish I was. Instead I think I'll go have a piece of rice pie.

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