Friday, April 27, 2012

hello weekend

(image via Camille Styles)

Last night was the second PVD Lady Project event at Bravo Brasserie... once again Hillary and I met some pretty cool people and I'm looking forward to future collaborations. Also, Erika of Foxtrot Press gifted me with some of her awesome cards and a print, too! Will definitely be sharing those here next week. The weekend is already looking like a busy one - this morning I'm going to a "yard" sale hosted by John Orton Events (it's really much more than that - see details below) and later in the afternoon I hope to make it to the LLL meeting in Providence. Maybe I'll stop by Seven Stars for a pastry. Mmmm. Tonight Matt and I are visiting our friends and their new baby and I can't wait to squeeze his little cheeks. Then tomorrow we plan on finally getting some mulch so I can finish the flowers beds in the front yard. Oh, and I'm making these for Matt's grandmother's birthday celebration on Saturday night. On Sunday it's church as usual. What do you have going on?

- certainly don't need new ones, but I'm drooling over these sneakers
- this wallpaper is making me seriously wish I had an iPhone
- super sweet gift ideas for Mother's Day
- free printable rainbow invitations for your birthday girl or boy
- definitely adding an animal circus train to my list of things to make (and out of empty tea boxes!)
- I want my whole house to look like this bright space
Matt just unveiled the new bluecube, a revolution in photobooths
- pretty (and free!) printable gift tags

P.S. The weekend yard sale details...
Maybe I'll see you there!


  1. so glad you and hil came last night...hope to get together again soon! :)

  2. it was great seeing you last night! i'm bummed we didn't really get a chance to talk more. we'll have to do so next event! :) enjoy the cards!


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