Thursday, April 12, 2012

hello {early} weekend

I've been a terrible blogger this week and I really have no excuse. There were a few ideas for posts floating around in my head but I didn't get the pictures taken so they remain unwritten. Consider them something to look forward to. And I'm heading out early this week because Matt has the day off tomorrow, so I'm thinking of scheduling a massage in the morning. It's been a while since my last one (I was still pregnant with Ezra!) so I'm really looking forward to it. Since Matt will be home, I hope to get lots of loose ends tied up around the house before we head out to a historic inn for the weekend. I can't wait to spend the next few days exploring a new town with my two boys. Any Southbridge, Massachusetts area recommendations?

Here are a few links to keep you busy until the real weekend begins...
- these little chocolates look so easy... and fancy!
- a rainbow cake made with natural dyes is on my 'to bake' list (yes, I have a 'to bake' list)
- a few words on cookies and being a mom
- still haven't made sock monkey, but this tutorial has inspired me
- definitely making these push pins for my new inspiration board (pictures to come!)
this post got me thinking about my own wardrobe basics
- love the combination of neutrals and bright colors in this studio
- this guide to table manners is spot on

Hope to see you back here next week! I promise I'll be a more responsible blogger.


  1. we've been to the publick house in sturbridge...its really pretty inside. the food isn't super unique but it was definitely good.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I think Matt actually did a wedding there...


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