Friday, December 2, 2011

hello weekend

(image via wit & delight)
Hooray! It's the first weekend of December and we're getting into the spirit by visiting our favorite purveyor of fresh Christmas trees, Shire Tree Farm in Hope, RI. I love it there because the field is the perfect size (not overwhelming but they still have lots of trees) and you can cut your own tree down with a handsaw. No, you don't have to... they'll cut it with a chainsaw for you if you want, but I like Matt to cut it for us. After we get our tree our friend Karissa is going to take some family photos for us since we didn't get to do them the weekend Ezra got burned. Then we'll have a very festive (not!) dinner of pizza on homemade dough... yum! Before we do all that, I'm going to lug our boxes of Christmas decorations upstairs in preparation for the weekend. While I start decorating our mantle, here are some things I wanted to share with you...
- this Christmas tree is so simple and sweet
- have you seen the new issue of Anthology? The gift guide is perfection.  
- here's healthy change forty-eight, with ten steps to simplicity
- a flavored popcorn kit is a gift I would love to receive!
- didn't know you could make super bounce balls
- how to make a tinsel wreath ornament
- want your Christmas cards postmarked at the North Pole? 
Here's how!
- this gift guide for an awesome toddler is, well, awesome
- starting to think I'd like an instax mini
Have a great weekend, friends!
P.S. Advent activity no. 2 - hang your stockings (and say your prayers...)

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