Wednesday, November 16, 2011

a big quilt

Remember these fabric strips? Well, I finally have a finished product to show you. This here quilt is the biggest quilt I've ever made, and I must confess - it took me waaay longer to complete than I thought it would.
I went with a simple design of striped blocks that I alternated placing vertically and horizontally with solids mixed in, too. Now that I look at the photos, it's kind of like a maze. A really easy maze.
It's a queen size quilt, but it won't completely cover a queen size bed. It's meant to be folded at the foot and used on chilly nights for extra warmth. 
Simple straight line quilting different widths apart seemed like just the thing to both echo and complement the different stripes in the quilt.
And of course, my assistant was on hand for the photo shoot.


  1. the quilt looks so cozy and comfy! And the "assistant" looks so little! :-)

  2. This quilt will look so nice on my bed :)
    Great job! I love the colors and your assistant!

  3. it is always nice to have such a cute helper on hand. i love how your quilt looks with the complimentary quilting


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