Friday, November 11, 2011

happy weekend

(image via i heart new england)
This weekend is gloriously void of birthday parties that I have to host. That is the number one thing. We do get to go to a birthday party, though, for Ezra's buddy Sophie who is eight days younger than him. Then Matt is working on a video project with some of the teens from our church. I'm going to be working on my plans for a Christmas party (hooray for the holidays!) and still getting the house back together post-party. I know, I'm a procrastinator. What are you up to? 
Here are the links that I loved this week...
- this chalkboard globe combines two of my favorite things
- check out this interview with one of my favorite children's book authors, Mo Willems
- I can never get enough of brownies, especially gray sea salt chocolate ones
- these sweet illustrations would be perfect for a little girl's room
- these blogging tips are perfect
- learn how the ambitious can create their own carnival marquee letters
- if Ezra's room didn't look like this, I would want it to look like this
- adding this coin scratch map to my Christmas list
- this spotty bedding is probably as cheerful as bedding gets
- and in case you were missing these, here's healthy change no. 45
Happy weekend!

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