Wednesday, November 9, 2011

my baby quilt

Making so many baby quilts over the past couple of years made me nostalgic for my baby quilt, so I pulled it out of the hall closet and gave it a hug.

It was made for me by a coworker of my mom's who she's no longer in touch with. I wish I could tell her I loved it; that my quilt sat on my bed all the way through high school. You can tell it was well-loved - just look at the fraying binding and patchwork edges coming loose.

I tried to lure Ezra into my idyllic quilt-on-the-lawn-in-the-sunshine photoshoot with his Guess How Much I Love You book.

He plucked the the head off of a weed flower instead...

sat for about seven seconds... 

and then decided he was out of there, and off to explore the grill on the patio. So much for cozy mommy & baby story time.

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  1. oh that is so nice that you still ave your baby quilt. it is adorable!!! i love the shot of Ezra scooting away, with the blanket and book left in the dust


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