Friday, March 30, 2012

hello weekend

(image via The Daily Muse)

Another laid back weekend is ahead, perfect for another fire in the backyard - as long as the weather holds up, that is. I also want to get a massage but I don't know if I'll be able to get on the schedule on such short notice. Fingers crossed!

- had this smoothie for breakfast this week and it was goooood
- aren't these just the sweetest newborn photos?
naturally decorated eggs are so simple and pretty
- love these little boy styles for Easter
- Easter in a box: one for adults and one for kids
some tips that may interest my friends who blog
- got this stripey sweater from Banana this week for only $15!
- these mini cakes are adorable but I might have to have two or three
- enjoyed reading this interview with Sarah Vickers on classic New England style
- definitely making myself a set of glittery neon notecards
- shortbread cookies that look like tea bags? yes, please!
- more shortbread, but this time as a chocolate ganache tart

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  1. thank you so very much for featuring my glittery notecards on your site! I appreciate it :)


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