Thursday, March 29, 2012

tea with Rose // Coffee Exchange

It's our second stop on the tea tour around Rhode Island, and while a place called Coffee Exchange doesn't sound like it belongs, I can assure you that it does. 

Hillary and I met up on a Thursday morning and sipped our tea slowly as we talked and I tried to keep Ezra contained. (There was only one highchair and it was already in use.)

I enjoyed a cup of echinacea sunshine tea, an organic herbal blend of echinacea, lemon, lemon verbena, ginkgo leaf, rosehips, and spearmint. It was a refreshing start to my day and I know I reaped the psychological benefits of drinking an immune booster. I felt healthy all day! They were all out of Hillary's favorite, peony white, so she ordered a green tea instead, jasmine amber.

I've been to Coffee Exchange lots of times in the past, but this was the first time I had been in the morning. The shop was pleasantly busy and the service was good in spite of the hustle and bustle at the counter. Ezra loved the music and ended up grooving with a little girl at the next table. Another successful tea drinking adventure in our tiny state. Read Hillary's account of the morning here

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