Friday, March 23, 2012

hello weekend

(images by Emilie Griottes for fricote)

No post yesterday because it was too beautiful outside to spend time any time typing. Ezra and I took full advantage of the warm weather and inspected every pebble and blade of grass in the yard. That boy absolutely loves being outdoors. This weekend we're keeping it low key... the first fire of the year in the backyard tonight, a manicure and pedicure for me tomorrow, and that's basically it! Well, other than church on Sunday, which is standard. I'm hoping to do lots of spring cleaning and work outside in the flower beds. Maybe we'll get even get a yard of mulch. I surprise myself by feeling genuine excitement at the prospect of such things as washing windows and pulling weeds. Have you been outside a lot this week?

- these bright and cheery modern centerpieces could be adapted to fit any theme or color palette
- I made a bunch of these knit produce bags this week and I'm in love with them
- lots of inspiration on how to dress a baby bump
- these business cards are so much fun
- tips for taking photos on vacation
- my friends' responses to this question are always amusing... what do you do?
- these naturally dyed wooden beads are so pretty
- make your own metallic and natural sack on the cheap
- on how to make planning dinner for your family work for you

Oooh, this weekend is going to be amazing, I can tell already...

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