Friday, March 2, 2012

hello weekend

(image via melissa da silva)

Hello all! I'm extra excited for today's post since I didn't get a chance to welcome the weekend here on the blog last week due to my laptop's technical and mechanical difficulties. I love rounding up my favorite things from the blogosphere and sharing them here with you. Before we get to the list, let me tell you about my weekend. Aren't Friday nights the best? We're not doing anything special tonight, but just hanging around the house sounds good to me right now. Maybe we'll play a few rounds of Bananagrams and eat chocolate chip cookies. Tomorrow we're doing a maternity shoot for our friends Stan and Karissa (I say we because Ezra and I are going along, although Matt will be the only one taking the photos) and then having dinner with them at night. On Sunday we'll be at church in the morning and at night... so many of my favorite people are there. Okay, without further adieu...

- these sweet tags are so perfect for spring! (via poppytalk)
- next week I'm going to give this meal planner a whirl
- maybe I should make a whole cloth baby quilt next
- this DIY circle punch art is a great activity for kids and looks amazing
- did you see that Ezra's room was featured on Apartment Therapy?!
- I'm loving Ruby's nursery and want gold polka dots in my house as soon as possible
- definitely making this chocolate cake as soon as I have a reasonable excuse to make a cake... how about the fact that it's the weekend? Sounds reasonable enough to me.

edit: I can't believe I forgot to list the giveaway winner! Oh, the suspense. The winner is MW, author of comment number five and otherwise known as my friend Matt Welesko. Read more about his giveaway shenanigans here... sigh.

Hope your weekend is a good one! See you back here on Monday with the weekly menu...


  1. Matt has an awful lot of good luck. i hope he enjoys his gift tags. too funny

    1. I'm hoping he gives them to Kayla.

    2. i'm hoping he gives them to me


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