Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I like blueflash // win yourself a photo shoot

If you're friends with me on facebook then you probably already know that Matt launched a facebook page for blueflash this week. I've been trying to spread the word because get this - he's giving away a photo shoot to one of the first 500 people to 'like' the page. Of course I would support Matt in anything he does since he's my husband, but I also really like his work. He may not believe me - I'm probably his harshest critic - but it's because I know he has so much to offer. You don't have to comment here if you'd rather head right to the blueflash facebook page, but if you throw your name in the hat I would love to know what you would use the shoot for. For more information, read Matt's post about the giveaway. Here are some of my favorite images...


Best of luck to all who 'like' blueflash! I can't wait to see what the shoot is like.

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  1. We love Matts work and I already liked his page lol


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