Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I love winning, don't you?

Two things today.  Well, three, sort of.
1.  I am announcing the winner of the bean bags from last week's giveaway here at the tiny hummingbird... drum roll, please!  The winner is commenter number 9 - Morgan!  Be on the lookout for an email so I can get your address, Morgan.  Congratulations!
2, sort of.  I have a confession to make (and a person to get off my back).  My last giveaway wasn't entirely random, but hear me out!  Our good friend Matt Welesko was commenter number 7 and the random number generator (Matt Celeste, my husband, not to be confused with Matt Welesko, our friend) very interestingly chose number 7 first.  I was very suspicious and thought it was a conspiracy since a.) I knew Matt W wanted to win just to annoy me because he is not interested in quilted cards in the least bit, and b.) I knew Matt C wanted Matt W to win just because he thought it would be funny and also, he knew it would annoy me.  I forced Matt C to choose another number and he did, although only after much protesting.  A couple of days later Matt C proceeded to tell Matt W that he was the real winner and I gypped him out of his prize.  Matt W has been relentless in his quest to be recognized as the true winner of the quilted cards, so here it is: Matt, I acknowledge that you were one of the winners of the giveaway and I apologize.  Please accept my offer of a set of three quilted cards.  I don't know what you're going to do with them, but they're yours.  Are you happy now?  
Moving on...
3.  Survey question time.  Raise your hand if you agree with this statement: there is no such thing as having too much fabric.  I don't know about you, but my hand was raised high!  This week Jennifer over at Sugar Stitches is having a giveaway that is just begging to be won.  By me.  Or my mom, because she is a good sharer.  Jennifer is offering one (perhaps two!) fat quarter packs of Heather Ross's new line, Far Far Away II... swoon!  
I love love love Heather Ross and have a few of her designs including her goldfish in bags for munki munki and some of her Mendocino line.  Head on over to Sugar Stitches by the end of today to enter!  I wish you the best, but I kind of (ok, really really) hope I win!


  1. hahaha. they are crazy. matt will probably want them just to gloat :)

  2. Matt Welesko says" he accepts you apology and would love the cards, they will make fantastic thank you cards for Mattapalooza. Everyone should attend the Mattapalooza its going to be an epic event. Tara your back to a 9"

  3. Pfft. Matt, you'll need more cards for Mattapalooza. Maybe Tara will teach you how to make them!

  4. Also Matt Welesko says " he accepting offers to trade cards"

  5. Trading quilted cards - now, that's a novelty.
    I AM a good sharer, but HR? Not too sure, although that's why you have some Goldfish in a Bag, isn't it? Want some bicycles on a pink background, too? Even though it's a boy? I need help with my blog - things are weird and don't know how to link up, etc., etc.


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