Monday, January 30, 2012

menu of the week

This weekend didn't go as planned - I ended up sick Friday through Sunday (and missed the wedding on Saturday - sad face), and my main sources of sustenance were lime jello and slices of toasted bread from Olga's Cup + Saucer. Therefore the menu plans for this week are low key, but hearty. This cook is still feeling a bit weak, but I need to regain my strength as there is a toddler to wrangle on a daily basis.

vegetable barley risotto - I've made this once before per Matt's request. He spotted it on the back of a bag of Bob's Red Mill barley, and while it does involve a heck of a lot of stirring, it's pretty easy and yields a large amount. It's also great for lunch the next day.

white bean and mushroom stew - My mother-in-law got me a subscription to Whole Living for Christmas and this recipe was in my first issue. I made it within a week of seeing it and couldn't stop exclaiming over how good it was. Just ask Matt, who was rolling his eyes at me after the fifth or sixth time hearing me say, "No, really, this is sooo good!" The rosemary makes it.

frugalista burritos from 100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know - This is a new recipe for me but looks to be pretty easy and low commitment. I borrowed 100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know from the library last week and there weren't too many recipes that I wanted to try, but this simple dish was one of them.

pizza with homemade crust - A craving for pizza hit me as soon as my stomach felt like it could hold its contents this weekend so I knew I had to add it to this week's menu. Matt makes the dough and we add whatever toppings we have on hand - often sauteed peppers and onions, broccoli, or my personal favorite: pineapple.

smoky buffalo-style chili - I'm not really into spicy foods but this chili has just the right amount of heat so that I don't have to chug a glass of milk after each bite. In the past I've made it with turkey, but I already have ground beef from Rhodemont Farm. The blue cheese is such a genius addition and I must say the chips don't hurt either.

Since I missed John and Rachel's wedding on Saturday (insert sigh of disappointment here) I feel like I need to make something chocolate-y due to my missed encounter with wedding cake. I'm thinking this might be a good substitute, yes?

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