Friday, January 20, 2012

Hello Weekend

After weekends in a row of holiday festivities and birthday parties, I'm relieved to say we don't have much going on this weekend, especially with the snow that finally fell over Rhode Island. We're hoping to do a few things around the house, like hang some frames that have been waiting since the summer, sift through clothes to create keep & donate piles, and inventory the contents of our chest freezer in the basement. I know, fun times. Really, though - I love the feeling of satisfaction I get after accomplishing simple tasks like those, especially when they've been hanging over my head. Know what I mean?

- just pinned these confetti shooters for future parties
- wish I could type on this chromatic typewriter. beautiful. via Making it Lovely
- a neon striped sweater for all you pregnant ladies out there, via My Life {as a Sugar Lander}
- can't wait for my new raspberry colored moccasins to arrive at my door!
- I know I said I'm cutting back on baking but I just have to make these cookies
- I want to throw a San Francisco themed birthday party
- another fun use for paper lanterns

Hope you weekend is a good one!


  1. Hmmm - wouldn't mind purchasing that sweater for a daughter carrying my next grandchild...

  2. Yay someone else who inventories her freezer! I have a list on my fridge, complete with boxes to x out when we use things up, for our chest freezer. It does lead people to think I am equally organized in other areas of life, but so be it. :)


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