Friday, January 13, 2012

Hello Weekend

(fine art by Tom Gastel)
One change I instituted this week at the tiny hummingbird was not forcing myself to post every day if I didn't feel I had something I wanted to share. More changes to come, including a site redesign and hopefully some regular columns. I'll be working on things over the next few weeks and a bit over the weekend if I can squeeze some time in between our friend Pasha's birthday party tonight, Amanda's daughter Amelie's 3rd birthday party tomorrow morning, and dinner with friends in New Haven tomorrow night. I'm making individual root vegetable gratins with ComtĂ© and tallegio. While I make myself nervous tweaking the HTML of my blog, check out these links...
- I want to sew a whole colony of penguins
- there's a sale on pretty calendars over at simplesong
- excited for more frequent issues of Styled. from a subtle revelry
- a look inside Coco Chanel's apartment
- say hello to homemade nilla wafers
- love this new use for tissue paper!
- next time we fly I'm definitely packing a plane picnic
this statue is my favorite
- theKitchn answered my question yesterday!
Happy, happy Friday to you! xo.

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