Friday, July 27, 2012

hello weekend

It's the weekend but it feels like an extra long one to me... the reason? Like I mentioned the other day, I'm taking the entire month of August off so I can fully dive into planning our upcoming trip to Paris, and I'm starting my little blog vacation now. Things will be quiet around here for about a month, but I promise that once we get back I'll have lots of fun things to share. So right now, while I reserve a car to transport us from CDG to our apartment, make lists of outfits to wear, and bookmark my eleven guidebooks, here are some links to love... 

- I love everything about this house tour
- thoughts on one year of marriage, and celebrating ten!
- love these shots of our friends by Matt
- this tour of Rachel Castles studio is amazing
- one of the best ebay knockoffs around
- definitely wish these came in my size

Have a great weekend! And month! Wish me luck as we head to the city of macarons and striped tee shirts!

image by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day


  1. Safe travels and eat like there are no scales in the world!

  2. Paris! That sounds so amazing. Have a wonderful time!


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