Friday, July 13, 2012

hello weekend

Welcome to my blissful weekend of absolutely no plans whatsoever. Okay, we don't have a completely clear calendar, but dinner with friends and some morning yard work is nothing compared to the cookout/wedding/camping circuit we've had lately. What's on your to do list this weekend? Hopefully something that involves a tall glass of lemonade...

- if you're in RI this summer, take your kids to play at the park or to storytime at the park 
- another popsicle party! It must be a sign...
- love the idea of a sweet and simple birthday breakfast
- tips for styling fine hair
- make yourself some simple sparkle top pencils
- there are so many resources for modern quilting these days!
tie dyed bed sheets... seriously?!
- these polka dot square business cards are pretty much perfect

P.S. I'm still thinking about these houseboats!

image via september wren

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