Friday, July 20, 2012

hello weekend + Ezra's first haircut

So we finally went through with it! Ezra got his hair cut last night by our friend Jill (she cut my hair, too, but I don't have any pictures of the 'do yet) and I couldn't be happier with his new style. He sat on my lap throughout the cut and didn't fuss at all, except when Jill tried to put a cape on him so we decided to forgo it. I'm wearing one in the photos though... please don't think I'm wearing a zebra cape as my outfit. Anyway, Ezra loves his new haircut and so do we. Thanks, Jill! To celebrate we're going out to eat tonight (not really, we were going anyway but I like celebrations so why not pretend?) and maybe to the Children's Museum if we have time (did you know it's free on Friday nights throughout the summer?) after dinner. Tomorrow we're having our own family photo shoot by the lovely Steph Mills (Matt's doing their photos, too!) and then we have a birthday party for one of Ezra's little two year old friends. We probably won't make it there, but I have to mention the Cirque du Square going on this weekend on Wayland Ave... someone check it out and let me know how it is, especially the ice cream throwdown! And here's some weekend reading...

- an ice cream picnic tote might be the only picnic gear someone like me needs, via Poppytalk
free invitations for that popsicle party I've been obsessing over (and lots more free printables right here!)
- the best ice cream shops on the East coast... road trip, anyone?
- this gigantic party bow for your hair is to die for
- some new rubber stamps to add to my growing collection
- this funny makeup kit would make mornings so much easier
this post makes me want to revamp our fireplace
this made me smile
- never say 'no' to chocolate and peanut butter
- some thoughts on going gray 
- made the most amazing chocolate chip cookies yesterday!
- I'm loving these things, too

Have a great weekend! 


  1. Ezra's haircut looks really good and he looks ecstatic about it! So adorable

  2. i've been to herrell's ice cream in MA ,its SOO would love it.

  3. who knew he could look so much cuter! he is off the charts!

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