Friday, August 6, 2010

j-e-l-l-o, part 2

Have you been wondering about the outcome of my rainbow jello experiment which I mentioned here last week?  No?  Well, I can inform you anyway that it was a smashing success!  
After several hours of boiling water, stirring powdered flavored gelatin into boiling water until it dissolved, carefully layering colors, and walking precariously from the counter to the refrigerator I can happily say that making rainbow jello, while time consuming, is totally worth it.  On second thought, you may want to check with Matt on that as he did the majority of the boiling, stirring, layering, and precarious walking.  I mostly opened the refrigerator door.   
All my little cousins were delighted with the jiggly treat but I maintain that I was the most excited of all.  

A few tips if you plan on attempting this culinary feat - it takes more time but don't boil and dissolve the jello all at once!  It begins to set on the counter sooner than you think and each layer takes about twenty minutes to firm up in the fridge.  That's a lot of waiting around for a liquid bowl of jello.  The same goes for the sweetened condensed milk mixture but it's unavoidable since it's made it one batch.  Matt discovered that you can microwave it back to it's pre-gelatinous state and it's good as new.  Not sure if that would work with the jello.  Next time I plan on leaving out the sweetened condensed milk (we used this recipe, by the way) to achieve the effect that Karen talks about here.  Wish me luck!   

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