Friday, July 30, 2010


Question: Can one ever go wrong with jello?  What's that you say?  No?  Right, that's what I thought.  Of course not.  Personally, I have found that jello is good all the time and in any form.  Well, almost.  I admit to consuming some less than desirable fruit jello molds but we mustn't hold their inadequacy against the jello.  Poor flavor and texture can only be the fault of the jello maker, because really, how does one go wrong with jello?!  It's only powdered gelatin and hot water!  But I digress...  anyway, this weekend I'm going to attempt to create what I feel is the pinnacle of jello goodness.  That's right, I'm making rainbow jello!  As usual, I found several recipes on tastespotting here, here, here, here, and here.  I know, that's a lot of recipes, but I'm having a difficult time making a commitment to one of them.  Which one would you choose?  Should I be more concerned with flavors or colors?  Would you make it in a bundt pan and slice it at the party?  Or would you use a square pan and make jigglers?  I'm being indecisive and would appreciate any and all input!  

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  1. i'd go with square jigglers
    as for which link. the first looked great, second looked too tall, 3 so so, 4th i love the blending colors, 5 go buy some beakers! that is adorable!


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