Monday, August 30, 2010

back to school

After fighting the feeling that autumn was approaching I finally have to give in to it... school is back in session as of tomorrow!  Fall doesn't actually begin until September 23rd but when that bell starts ringing regularly at 8:50 a.m. Monday through Friday it sure seems like the seasons have changed.  Even though I'll be at school (a.k.a. work... I call it both and people are often confused) during the week instead of gallivanting around town I hope to keep up with the tiny hummingbird.  Be on the lookout for more sewing projects, New England fall activities (hooray for apple picking!), places to eat in RI, nursery progress, and eventually the arrival of our baby!  It's going to be sooner than I realize, I'm sure.  So wish me luck as I attempt to maintain some of my carefree summer spirit as I begin a new school year with my third and fourth grade students.  I'm looking forward to a successful start for all of us!  

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  1. My prayer for you and your students is every day to be one of accomplishment and blessings, my darling! (You must be so cute in your "work/school" clothes with my baby grandson cocooned so sweetly). Tell Matt to take a pic, or two or three.


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