Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stacked Coins Baby Quilt

My cousin Shannon and her husband Matthew welcomed their third child, Matthew Jr., into their family in late March and it took me until last Thursday to visit.  I had made Matthew's cousin Leah a quilt when she was born last October and I heard through the family grapevine (OK, so my aunt told me) that Shannon would love a quilt for Matthew.  Well, I love making quilts and it's even better when I have an excuse to make one so I got right to work.  I used some fabrics from a jelly roll that I bought at Joann's, but some of the prints were too girly so I had to buy some coordinating fabrics.  I used three different Stonehill Collection fabrics, including this stripe, this polka dot, and this geometric pattern.  This was only the fourth quilt I've ever made so I used a fairly simple pattern, stacked coins found at the moda bake shop, and completed it entirely on my own!  Lorraine, my teacher, would be proud.  I did, however, have to walk down the street (luckily Blaine's is only a two minute walk!) to buy a new needle when I was mere inches away from finishing the binding.  What kind of quilter only has one needle?  Apparently that would be me.  Fortunately, there was a sale going on and I bought three packs of needles for the price of two.  I should be all set for a while, especially since I don't change my needle nearly as often as I should.  That might explain the broken needle...  Anyway, I hope Matthew enjoys his quilt!  I enjoyed making it and am looking forward to beginning a new project soon.  


  1. super cute colors and patterns!

  2. But the colors aren't true! Much prettier in person :)

  3. I love that striped fabric. I've made a few things out of it and the pink version. Gorgeous quilt!


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