Monday, May 10, 2010

Celebrating Mothers

I can happily say that all of my planning and preparations for Mother's Day paid off.  We enjoyed the afternoon with our parents and brothers (Matt's sister is away currently stationed in Kansas and his sister-in-law was in New York visiting her mother) and then later visited Matt's grandmother, Mama.  My menu evolved some since my last post... we started off with Kathleen's (of Twig & ThistleDIY provincial cheese favors as appetizers which I served with four different kinds of crackers and sliced apples.  Next we had vanilla yogurt, almond granola, and blackberry and blueberry parfaits.  The entrees were a ham and cheese casserole found on the kitchn, broccoli garlic quiche from epicurious, baked French toast spotted here, and my friend Kelli's hash brown bake.  I served stephmodo's Blushing Pink Crush for a fun addition to the typical beverage menu, which, at my house, usually consists of orange juice, skim milk, herbal tea, and water.  For dessert we enjoyed banana chocolate chip muffins (adapted from the recipe found in Baked), chocolate chip biscotti (adapted from Giada's second book, Giada's Family Dinners), and fresh strawberries, pineapple, and watermelon.

Success!  I only wish I had taken some photos of the food, but we were all too hungry to bother...  I hope everyone had as lovely a day as we did!  

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