Wednesday, May 5, 2010

olga's cup + saucer

One of my favorite things to do during school vacation is go out to breakfast and lunch.  Savoring a mid-day meal at a local bistro or cafe beats scarfing leftovers in the teacher's room while small children walk by and stare at us any day.  On Tuesday Ari and I decided on a late lunch at Olga's Cup and Saucer on Point Street downtown.  After browsing through the menu in the morning I decided I was in the mood for soup and a sandwich.  My craving lasted through the morning and I ordered a cup of minestrone soup, a tuna melt, and a bottle of Orangina.  
Ari had a hankering for a Cuban sandwich (one of the adorable mini sandwiches served at her wedding to Matt) and devoured half of it and her cole slaw quickly...
Olga's also serves amazing breakfasts on the weekends.  Last time Ari and I ate there we shared French toast and a yummy breakfast sandwich.  Read more about Olga's here in the Providence Phoenix.


  1. Ha! I thought this was going to be about a cup and saucer that belongs to Olga. I've never heard of the restaurant before! Looks yummy, Tara!

  2. lol! I thought the same exact thing, Keri!! :)

  3. I thought this was about ME! Lol I almost felt special :)
    Anyways mayb pasha and I will go this weekend to eat
    breakfast there. I love trying new places for breakfast :)
    Have a good day. Olga


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