Wednesday, April 28, 2010

nutella ravioli

Have you ever tried Chocolate Hazelnut Ravioli?  If you haven't you must because they are absolutely delicious.  Get yourself some wonton wrappers, a jar of Nutella, cooking oil, and confectioner's sugar and you're good to go!  Last time I made this sweet treat I garnished them with sugared mint leaves, but alas, my mint plant didn't make it through the winter.  This time I used some fresh raspberries and they did the trick, too.  What are some of your favorite ways to use Nutella?  Besides eating it right out of the jar, of course...


  1. ok these look so good! I just saw a recipe for these the other day and wanted to make them...did you eat them all??? Amanda

  2. is this for REAL!?
    i could eat nutella on anything though...


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