Friday, February 26, 2010

Paragon and Viva!

Matt and I went out for dinner last night on Thayer Street, one of the best places to eat in Rhode Island.  We chose Paragon, a place I hadn't been to since high school, so I was looking forward to our visit.  We ordered Thai spring rolls with chili and ponzu dipping sauces to start - they were steaming hot and delicious but didn't last long.
As Matt ate the greens that were meant to be a garnish that he dressed with the leftover chili sauce, I endured an internal debate over whether to order the seafood risotto (lemon and herb with gulf shrimp, sea scallops, mussels, and asparagus tips) or the French burger (Black Angus beef topped with applewood smoked bacon and Boursin cheese).  Matt ordered handmade rigatoni tossed with tomato and Vodka cream sauce and topped with mozzarella and basil... so predictable, but also reliable.  I decided to go with the seafood risotto and was pleased with my choice - it was perfectly creamy and so rich I couldn't even handle dessert.  Well, not right away anyway.  
It was pouring so we hurried to the nearest doorway under the cover of my umbrella and ducked into the Brown Bookstore to browse for a while.  We hit up the travel section to begin planning our summer vacation but couldn't agree on a destination.  Decision tabled until further notice.  (My vote is for Yosemite National Park and then San Francisco but Matt wants to skip the city altogether... thoughts?)  I couldn't ignore my sweet tooth any longer so we headed back out into the rain and down the street to La Creperie.  When I graduated from high school my parents hired La Creperie to cater my graduation party and it's always fun to stop in to enjoy one of my favorite snacks.  I chose the Katy, a simple but delicious crepe made with only sugar and lemon.  It was ready in about five minutes and I think I ate it in even less.  It was the perfect ending to a perfect night.            

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  1. Josh and I have dates to Paragon and La Creperie all the time. We get their peasant burgers though. Personal favorites. And crepes - Josh is a Betty and I'm a Chiara. MMmmmm. I first had a Nutella crepe in Paris and it brings me back every time!


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