Wednesday, February 24, 2010

destination: Tiverton

Matt took some time off from work while I was on school vacation last week so we could do some exploring around Rhode Island.  We decided to take a drive to Tiverton Four Corners to do some antiquing, scout for pieces we might want to take home with us, and of course, eat.  We were greeted by two friendly faces and I knew the day was off to a great start...
After a quick photo documentation session of our new friends we were on our way.  First stop - Peter's Attic, which was chock full of antique furniture, although the proprietor was nowhere to be found so we browsed quickly and moved on.  We found Antiques II at Four Corners housed in the same building and it was stuffed with books, books, and more books.  After sifting through the shelves we discovered this fabulous set of English Cast Iron Circular Stairs in the back corner of the store.  I wish we could have taken the set home but even if we could have afforded the hefty price tag it never would have fit in our little car.  
On the next block we entered The Cottage at Four Corners, a home furnishings store which carries a line of Mitchell Gold furniture in addition to lines by Maine Cottage and Jim Stubblefield.  I've been searching for a corner hutch for our dining room for over two years without any luck, but one of Jim's cupboards just might do the trick.  I'm going to keep The Cottage in mind as I continue the hutch hunt.  The Cottage also carries elizabethW bath, body, and home products.  My favorite was this Sweet Tea candle - I'm a sucker for anything almond-scented.  
Next stop - Winter Flea, a consignment boutique that sells antiques, furniture, vintage clothing, and handmade jewelry.  We arrived just as the owner was setting out a pair of Hunter boots on an overturned wooden bucket.  Matt quickly located and immersed himself in an ancient book about photography while I drooled over old glass bottles and a pair of orange suede gloves that I regret not taking home.  Hunger began to set in and we set off in search of somewhere to eat, but while crossing the street we stumbled upon The Meeting House, a charming spot to have a shower, wedding, birthday party, or any kind of celebration.  A path constructed of weathered wooden planks leads to a winding trail of stepping stones and brings you past a small pond.  The meandering path, exposed beams, old barn doors, and lofty ceiling of the space contribute to the rustic look that Tiverton is famous for.  
Eventually we made it to the Four Corners Grille Restaurant.  I sat down to a steaming bowl of creamy mushroom soup and ordered a Reuben sandwich which came with homemade potato chips.  Matt had a sandwich called The Wampanoag which was stuffed with smoked turkey, cucumbers, and lettuce and came with hand cut fries.  We left thoroughly satisfied and ready for more exploring.

I had been looking forward to visiting the Milk & Honey Bazaar since I read an article about it in Rhode Island Monthly.  With over eighty local and international cheeses, the Bazaar has a selection that will please even the most epicurean cheese connoisieur.  My favorite was the Dill Havarti which I can't wait to devour with crackers for an after-school snack one day this week.  We also bought some Pecorino Romano which I used Monday night to make a rendition of Real Simple's spaghetti with sweet potatoes and ricotta.  In addition to cheese, the Bazaar offers a selection of olive oils, honey, crackers, and much more.  The owners keep a tasting box full of index cards on the counter where customers (many now friends) can record their favorite cheeses and thus easily remember which ones they like best.  Matt and I left with our purchases in hand and made our way back to the car, which was in the parking lot of Gray's Ice Cream.

Sadly, after my soup, Reuben, and cheese, I had no room left for a stop at Gray's.  I had been looking forward to a cone of their homemade Oreo ice cream since we arrived that morning, but I suppose we'll just have to head back to the Four Corners in the summer time, which is fine by me!

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