Monday, September 10, 2012

licking the windows | where to shop in Paris

Before I dive into my few favorite shops in Paris, let me say that I am loving this fall weather! New England is cool and crisp today, but the sun is shining which makes it even more perfect. I feel like wearing boots and drinking apple cider. Maybe we'll head to the farm this weekend to pick up a gallon. Anyway, I titled this post 'licking the windows' because that's what the French call 'window shopping.' Well, really they call it faire du l├Ęche-vitrine, but I can't pronounce that. When we arrived in Paris I had a list of shops to visit as long as my arm. Sadly, some of them were closed for vacation (August is typically when Parisians go on holiday) and others had funky hours so we missed out on a few, but there was still plenty of shopping to do! Here are some shops I could have browsed in for hours - 
MUSKHANE, 3 rue du Pastourelle - felted wool everything. I especially liked the little mice and the polka dot balls.
the Collection, 33 rue de Poitou - pretty little ceramic pieces for the home, gorgeous wallpaper selection, modern children's furniture and home accessories
ie boutique, 128 rue Vieille du Temple - beautiful fabric sold by the meter, handmade children's clothing
Chou Fleur,  21 rue Monge - they sell children's accessories, toys, and clothing and host craft workshops for kids, too. A lot like kreatelier, for those of you who are local.
L'Autre The, 40 rue Mouffetard - huge selection of teas and little tea room all in one, they even serve fresh juice!
Le 4, 4 rue Mouffetard - gourmet foods (think oil, vinegar, spices, tea, and chocolate), candles, vases, and funky children's items

Then for open air shopping, you have to visit Les Puces, the biggest flea market in the world. Jordan has a great map of how to get there right here. Now I feel in the mood for some online shopping...


  1. that reminds me! I owe you some $$ for that nice IE Boutique purchase.

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  3. Oh dear, I think I would be gone crazy window shopping and worn myself out... and still had to save time to visit all the museums!


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