Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ahoy, Matey! | a quilt for Emmett

Commission quilts are some of my favorite pieces to work on. When someone appreciates the effort that goes into a quilt it makes the work that much easier and more enjoyable because I know the recipient will truly love the end result. I made this quilt at the request of our friends Steph and Bryan for their son, Emmett, to match his new room in their new house. They were at our house for dinner one night over the summer and Steph saw a quilt I was working on for a friend's new baby and she loved the fabrics, Ahoy Matey by Michael Miller. She quickly decided that they would look great in Emmett's new room and over the next few days we figured out the right size and discussed her fabric selections. 

All the fabrics on the top are from the Ahoy Matey collection and the sailboat and anchors on the back are Out to Sea by Sarah Jane Studios. The pattern is Bijou Lovely's Colorblock Quilt, a pattern that is quickly becoming a favorite. It's perfect for showcasing your favorite fabrics and it sews up pretty quickly! I love a project I can finish in a couple weeks. I quilted free motion waves across this quilt like I did on my Anchors Aweigh quilt, although this time I did it on my mom's domestic machine (thanks, mom!) rather than renting time on a long arm. The quilt that inspired this one will probably show up here on the blog next week, so don't be surprised when you see some fabrics that look familiar! Since this is a commissioned quilt it won't be listed in the shop. Steph actually came over just last night to pick it up! It's been a chilly October week so I'm sure it's already been broken in and snuggled under :) Steph and Bryan, thanks for having me create this quilt for Emmett! I hope that it will become a part of your everyday - for snuggles before bed, for making forts in the living room, for long rides in the car, and picnics on the grass - and I hope Emmett loves it for years to come!

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  1. You're welcome, my darling! This is fun, watching all your quilts being posted. I think you need a better backdrop, though. Although the white cinderblocks don't detract from the quilts. So maybe not!


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