Wednesday, February 15, 2012

the day after Valentine's Day, or why I want more gold necklaces in my life

Unfortunately for me, last night was a bit of a bust - dinner didn't go as planned (read: raw puff pastry and the worst oil splattering you've ever seen in your life), and Matt had band practice which I secretly thought was his way of covering up a Valentine's Day surprise but was really band practice. So I spent the night with Ezra and ate chocolate mousse (which Matt made for me) while reading The Happiness Project (which I am loving) after he went to sleep. I don't want to make Matt seem like a bum though - he wrote me a sweet note and booked me a massage which I plan on scheduling asap. My mom got me a Valentine's Day gift, too - one of the necklaces I wanted. I put it on immediately, along with the Italian horn that I got in Florence when we were on our honeymoon and gold coin that I was already wearing. Now I want to layer gold necklaces every day. Here are a few I have my eye on...
My friend Briten wears the infinity charm necklace from Stella & Dot minus the bird and the stone. I love how pretty the single vintage coin looks.

This simple gold circle reminds me of the charm I already wear with the horn, but the little diamond is such a great addition. It's the oro necklace by Leslie Lewis.

A gold bow necklace (by Avishag Kroizman) would make a nice gift, wouldn't it? Your sister, your best friend, your mom... who wouldn't love it?

I'm loving all of Alex Monroe's designs for anthropologie, but this pedal pusher necklace is my favorite. 

J.Crew always gets it right, and this pretty locket is no exception. Plus it's named after one of my favorite paintings - it's the starry night locket necklace

Here's another one from Stella & Dot, the ever after necklace. I love it paired with the on the mark necklace.
Kate Spade's anchors away pendant is perfect for a Rhode Island girl like me.

Looks like I can already start my birthday wishlist. 


  1. sorry the date was a bust....bu ti bet that mousse was yummy

  2. Tara, sorry for scheduling praise band rehearsal on Valentine's Day...but a few days after I did, I offered the band the chance to change it - nobody took me up on it. We had a good rehearsal though, so thanks for being understanding of Matt's need to be here. The band is more involved in this year's concert which is different and cool! I appreciate the sacrifices made by those of you that take part in ministry and I know there are times we have to re-schedule, re-arrange and sometimes even settle for less than the ideal. I know what that's all about and I really do appreciate the great team members I get to serve alongside....especially the younger ones - they keep me fired up! Thanks for your blog, I usually am blessed when I read it even though you have lots of "girly" stuff


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