Tuesday, December 21, 2010

rewind: seven months

Now that Ezra is here I guess the belly photos aren't all that exciting but I want to show them off anyway.  I made Matt take pictures of me every month during my pregnancy beginning in month five (see five and six here)... these are from month seven.  
We went to Jaswell's Farm in my hometown of Smithfield and took advantage of the gorgeous weather.  In addition to taking seven month photos, we picked apples, ate freshly baked raspberry and apple turnovers, and bought honey sticks to help keep up my energy in labor (more about that experience in a later post).  Overall, a very enjoyable and productive visit to the farm!
We continued our adventure at Crescent Park in East Providence, my most favorite place for a springtime afternoon date in Rhode Island - an old-fashioned carousel overlooking a beautiful park that is perfectly picnic-worthy.  Pack a basket full of your favorite lunch foods and spend the afternoon riding the flying horses.  
I love looking at these photos of Ezra in my tummy and I can't believe that period of my life is gone forever!  I'll never be pregnant with Ezra again and he's only going to get bigger.  How quickly the time passed... now he's sleeping on my tummy as I type.  So sweet.  

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