Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a quilt for Jaclyn

A while ago my friend Jaclyn, a fellow sewer but not a fellow quilter, bought some fabric at Blaine's.  It's mostly mostly City Girl by Kitty Yoshida - chrysanthemumlarge vinepeacocksquared bolts, and one mystery fabric.  Jaclyn intended to make a quilt but didn't get around to it so I offered to take the fabric off her hands like any good friend would.  No, I wasn't just trying to steal the fabric; I planned on making a quilt for her since she didn't do it herself.    
I added Kona bone for the sashing and grass green for the backing.  
The pattern I used can be found here
I finished it off with a little label that my mom picked up at Quilter's Stash.  It was a fun and easy quilt to make, although the strips seemed endless when I was running them through my machine.  Hopefully I did the fabric justice... I like to think so.    


  1. That's a neat pattern, Tara! I love the fabrics too, Jaclyn. I have never been to Blaine's!

  2. i love this little quilt! i keep it at work for when it's sub-zero...i also appreciated it's timely arrival in the mail...who doesn't love getting packages??! especially on special days! love you! thanks for your great work :)

  3. Looks beautiful, just like the recipient! And thanks for the shout-out, Ta! Glad you're back!


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