Tuesday, January 10, 2017

home | a quilt for Jack

Today I delivered this quilt to a special family. They've endured the loss of their first son (he was stillborn at 39 weeks, just a couple months after Finn was born) and two miscarriages. Six weeks ago they welcomed a sweet baby girl into their family and I wanted to give her a quilt, my #wontyoubemyneighborquilt, because she was home. Then I was informed that they were adopting as well, and that things would be finalized in March. Of course I couldn't give a quilt to the baby and not the big brother, so I got to work on this quilt right away, another #neighborhoodquilt. Several friends, both real life and instagram only, contributed blocks to help me get it done. I finished it a couple weeks after I intended to (what was I thinking trying to finish the week before Christmas??), but that just gave me more time to pray for their family as I sewed. Many thanks to @tennjenny@morrlezlie@seasidestitches@lawalach@m.kane1977, and @jodi_meenan for helping me piece these houses together. I was so blessed to be able to bring two quilts to welcome those children home, to parents who will love and cherish them, and who I know look forward to a reunion some day with all their children in their forever Home, Heaven.

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